It is absolutely beautiful!

Thank you so much, It is absolutely beautiful!

Erin F

I absolutely love it!

Necklace arrived and I absolutely love it! Thank you so very much.

Rhonda A

All the pieces are genuine and authentic

Speedy service. Friendly and professional atmosphere. The quality of work is outstanding, precise, and beautiful all the pieces are genuine and authentic.

Chris L

It’s absolutely Stunning ,,, it really speaks to me

After many tears of joy I read your card…. Truly humbles my heart. Your kind words and the Lapis Brought again tears of joy..
Your creation is truly a blessed expression of how your Heart and Spirituality are deeply united.
It’s absolutely Stunning ,,, it really speaks to me. I put it on and wow I felt the soothing energy and power of healing. Each piece of your work has a special place to me and in my heart. Everyday that is renewed. This one though,,,,
I am extremely pleased. This Ann is a jaw dropper .. We will keep in touch I definitely have and will continue to pray for you and thank everyone that raised Sage, very powerful..

Gary K

A beautiful piece of art!

Thank you so very much! I’m looking forward to wearing such a beautiful piece of art!

Hayley B

I received the items purchased : wonderful ! !

I received the items purchased : wonderful ! ! Thanks a lot for everything and have a nice day

Olivier B

Beautiful wolf claw necklace, I wear it with pride

 I wanted to thank you for your beautiful wolf claw necklace, it is more lovely than the pictures on your website.  I’m sorry I hadn’t written before this but life can be busy at times, but again thank you so much for this beautiful wolf claw necklace I wear it with pride, I am part Mescolero Apache.
George P

Absolutely beautiful and completely perfect

The choker arrived today. It is absolutely beautiful and completely perfect. Thank you for all that you do.

Teri A

I love it. Its even better than I imagined.

I already got my necklace, and I love it. Its even better than I imagined. Thank you very much. Also thank you for the prayers and the smudging stick and instructions. Im wearing my necklace now, and i don’t ever wanna take it off. Im a little nervous about wearing it at work though, just because I definitely don’t want it to break or something. Thank you very much. I plan on ordering some other stuff from you in the future. I am very happy with everything and its been a pleasure. Thank you!!

Thomas B

It’s very beautiful

Received my necklace today; it’s very beautiful. Thank you very much.


Wow! The bear tooth warrior necklace is absolutely breathtaking.

Wow! The bear tooth warrior necklace is absolutely breathtaking. I love it !! The bear tooth is incredibly gorgeous and made me speechless. I actually felt a tingle or hint of its spirit when I put on the necklace. It may have been your wonderful smudging. It gave me goosebumps ! Thank you for your best blessings and wishes. Thank you so much. The beads and black side pieces were so beautiful. You did an outstanding job. Thanks for making my day ! Ty for the fast service too. Cheers. Be safe and take care


I am truly grateful for your Prayers and Smudging.

Very Much Appreciated.
So many people out and about just to make a buck and forget the most important thing….The Wearer of the item.
Even my own Lakota Sioux People forget this.
I am truly grateful for your Prayers and Smudging.
The items ordered are a gift to a very dear friend of whom adopted a couple of abandoned cougars back in the 60’s and used them in motion picture work.
They were always cared for in a very Honorable and Loving way.
We were talking the other day and she was sad that she had only a few old photos to remind her of the wonderful relationship that she had with her babies.
I know that my Friend will be very Touched and Honored to have these beautiful items.
I am excited to see your work also.
And for me, I have a new Sister.
Many Blessings on You and Your Family.????
Ronald WalksHorse
Mita Kuye Oyasin   (We Are All Related)

Ronald WH